Profit Triangle – a Zero Loss Trading Strategy


One day, I got a call on my phone number. He started asking me about my viral video on KISS trading strategy.

I somehow felt I know this voice. With all the doubts I asked him if this is Raju?
He asked me back, is this Shankar? There you go. My close school friend called me by looking at my video on my youtube channel.
Long story short, we started discussing the trades he has taken. To my surprise, the pattern was the exact opposite of what I teach.
It looked like,
more Small Profits,
more Big Losses,
less Small Losses,
& less Big Profits
If you want your trading results to approach Zero Loss, it should be the other way around.
more Big Profits,
more Small Losses,
less Big Losses,
& less Small Profits
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Zero Loss Trading Strategy